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What you’re going to find out the Walter Karroll Driving Academy is a completely different approach to driver training.  Traditionally  learner drivers are used to taking a series of a driving lessons over a number of months or from time to time taking a crash course in driving lessons and putting a big number of hours into a small time frame say two to three weeks.

Driving instructors usually concentrate on the technical side of driving  and in their Innocence learner drivers believe that this approach is more than acceptable to be able to pass the driving test however the UK driving test as a failure rate of around 53%.  Therefore this traditional approach of teaching people how to drive has to be brought into question when the failure rate is greater than the pass rate.  It important  to know  these figures are not just a fluctuation but a consistent standard over and number of years as recorded by the dvsa.

There is a large amount of complacency within the driver instructor industry because despite all driving instructors being graded there is very little information in the public domain to guide learner drivers upon the quality of driving instructors available.  despite or driving instructors receiving a grade related to the standard of driving instruction there is a strong belief within the industry  the grades are ineffectual.  driving instructors believe the grades are a poor way of indicating performance because the grading exam he’s just a one hour snapshot and the instructor can wait another two to three years before their next exam,  in that time their performance levels can fluctuate.

driving lessons in IpswichPerhaps the main issue for poor pass rates  is because driving instructors teach learner drivers how to pass the driving test and not how to become a safe driver or to meet the expectations of the driving examiner.  Indeed the driving Examiner while assessing the technical ability of the learner driver  they are perhaps more importantly making an assessment on how well the learner is driving in terms of driver safety,  with hazard perception being an important Factor in this equation.

If driving instructors continue to teach learner drivers how to change gear, how to steer,   how to reverse park  and the other technical aspects of driving while omitting the importance of learning to drive safely  pass rates will not improve.

There are four aspects to driving safely,  being in control of the car,  following the highway code,  hazard perception,  and having the right attitude to being a safe driver.  As soon as driving instructors starting cluding these four factors into every driving lesson the pass rates will surely increase however is it in the driving instructors interests?

The problem we have with driving schools is that failure is rewarded to the driving instructor since the learner is required to take more driving lessons. Surely that can’t be right?