Part Trained

Part Trained Driving Lessons In Ipswich

If you have already started learning to drive but not yet passed your driving test the last thing that you want to do is to take beginner driving lessons and start all over again it would be quite a waste of time and money for you and an experience you don’t need.

You will have noticed most driving schools in Ipswich wants you to take beginner driving lessons regardless of your ability however we do things a little differently.  If you have already started to learn to drive, and it doesn’t matter when,  we are happy to assess your skills and create a personalised driving lesson plan for you.

part trained driving lessons in IpswichThe personalised lesson plan will highlight your current abilities and outline the skills that you need to learn and develop,  after your first driving lesson  you’ll see exactly the skills you need to learn in order to pass your driving test.  This will help you save time and money because you will not need to cover the skills you have already accomplished.

On the assumption you have already passed your theory test, At the end of your first lesson we can take into account a date for booking your practical driving test and schedule in the driving lessons you will need between now and then.  As you can see  we are serious about you passing your driving test and will not hold you back.

Our part trained driving lessons in Ipswich are designed to help you get your driving licence,  so call us today.