Test Rescue

Driving Test Rescue in Ipswich

Are you concerned about passing your driving test with your current driving school it’s actually quite a common phenomenon simply because most driving schools don’t install the confidence through the preparation that you need.  simply put driving confidence comes from the skills that you have learned if there is a gap in those skills how can you expect to be confident?

Government  figures  provided by the DVSA  show that  most will fail their driving test,  in fact around 53% will fail and only 47% will pass,  therefore  as you can imagine it’s quite common for many learner drivers to feel nervous about their driving test simply because the driving school has not fully prepared the learner driver.

It is  quite likely you have already failed a driving test with a different driving school in Ipswich and now you are seeking an alternative solution where the school can fully prepare you for your next test.  Almost driving schools fail is that they only concentrate on the technical side of driving get the driving test  itself is a test of driver safety and not just technical ability.  indeed the driving Examiner wants to make sure that you are in control of the car at all times,  that you are following a highway code, that your hazard perception skills are great and finally that you have the right attitude towards being a safe driver. Click here to read more about Walter Karroll and how we can help you pass your driving test.

If you take our driving test rescue course your first lesson  will be an assessment of your current skills to include the reasons why you are not confident with passing your next driving test with your current driving school.  Through  the  lessons we will reprogram you to become a naturally safe driver leaving you with the confidence you need to become a safe driver with the ability to impress the driving Examiner and consequently pass your driving test.