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Automatic driving lessons in Ipswich

automatic driving lessons in Ipswich with a Tesla

Have you considered taking automatic driving lessons in Ipswich? They certainly make a refreshing change to learning to drive in a manual car because there is less stress and hassle, not just with learning but driving in general.

Around 20 to 30 years ago anyone looking for automatic driving schools in Ipswich might have had a stigma because learning to drive in an automatic had a negative image. Many people incorrectly thought learning to drive in an automatic was for people who can’t drive or disabled people who would find using a gearbox practically impossible. It was an unfair stigma and happily it is not the case today.

Many people are taking automatic driving lessons in Ipswich and when you watch the media, even mainstream news channels and programs like Top Gear or the Grand Tour, automatic cars are always featured.

You will find that all the top cars have automatic versions, and of course all electric and hybrid cars are automatic. The reason is simple, it’s just that they are so easy to drive, autos are the main car in the USA and are as equally as popular in Australia as manual cars.
It’s just the UK which has been lagging behind and largely motivated by a macho image.

When you start learning to drive and take automatic driving lessons in Ipswich you will find you can need 10 lessons fewer than a manual car because you do not have to work the clutch and gears. The clutch is situated next to the brake giving you 3 pedals in total, of course you only have 2 feet! So you press in the clutch, change gear and slowly release the clutch all the time while you regulate the speed. Sounds easy, but it takes a few lessons to get it right without crunching the gears. However if you prefer to take driving lessons in a manual car then we recommend Driving Dreams Driving School in Colchester. They have over 10 years of experience and managed by a very nice man called Bill Meadows.

If there is a downside to learning in an automatic and passing your test in an automatic, your full driving licence only allows you to drive automatic cars and not manuals. However the growing trend for new cars is automatic and with the rise of hybrid and electric cars such as the very sexy Tesla that trend doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

So if you want an easier route to passing your driving test learning to drive in an automatic is exactly what you want to be doing, so pick up the phone and give us a call.

Driving Lessons In Ipswich

Trying to find a driving school in Ipswich is really easy all you need to do is step out your front door and you will see lots of driving schools passing you by very quickly however the difficulty that you’re really phased with is finding the right driving school in Ipswich who can help you pass first time.

Many learner drivers actually get the wrong Driving School because their judgement becomes clouded,  simply put the learner is really excited at the prospect of learning to drive and they don’t do enough research on finding the right driving school in Ipswich.  Nearly all learner drivers will leave their first school for another simply because the first driving school didn’t meet their expectations.

What you want is not just a series of driving lessons in Ipswich but you want a route to go to pass your driving test,  quickly and easily, in the fewest number of hours possible.  however what a learner driver will do is make a few phone calls book a driving lesson with someone who sounds nice,  it’s not really the most appropriate  course of action. Should you find yourself taking driving lessons in Swindon Driving Genie have an excellent reputation. We can also recommend a driving school in Killamarsh The Driving Academy, that’s near to Chesterfield.

Indeed most learner drivers don’t know what questions to ask when they speak to a driving instructor in Ipswich for the first time  and instructors are well prepared to the basic questions most learner drivers will be asking.  Typically most people will ask about pass rates,  the price of the lesson,  and how many hours it will take to pass the test.  those questions are simply not good enough,  they are not helping you to determine the quality of the driving school here are a selection of questions that you should try.  ask the driving instructor for their grade and also ask when they were last graded,m following that question up with,  what  extra training you have been taking.

Another key point  is to find out if the driving school in Ipswich offers post driving test lessons.   it is widely accepted buy most driving schools in Ipswich that the driving test is not as effective as it should be for example you are not tested in bad weather or at night or on the motorway,  therefore  if the driving school  is serious about your driver safety they will offer these products and services.  For those schools who do not offer advanced driver training lessons questions have to be raised about their integrity to driver safety and the service levels offered to you .

driving lessons in IpswichSo once you have passed a driving school the questions that we have suggested the most pertinent thing you can do is to book a lesson with two separate driving schools so you can make a comparison.  There is nothing wrong with you doing this after all you are trying to protect your best interests.  Therefore it is advisable you only book a single letter rather than a block booking for your first lesson, ideally this lesson will be 2 hours long.  A lesson  lasting 2 hours might seem a long time however it will give you sufficient time to understand if you like the driving lesson or not, and how much did you learn?

After you have completed both lessons with the two different driving schools in Ipswich you can take a few hours or maybe a few days to reflect on the differences with the two schools and make your choice from there.